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Know your body better than your Doctor

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Hi, I’m Debi! “I specialize in teaching individuals the ‘language of their body’, by sharing early red-flags and warning signs of impending disease, the three common denominators behind most disease diagnosis, and that sickness does not come like the boogeyman in the night.

My Story

Years ago, I was diagnosed with a disease, given medication and then I became pregnant.  Unfortunately, they did not know then that the drug I took caused complications in an unborn child.

Four months into the pregnancy and after seeing complications in ultrasound, I was told to abort the pregnancy.  I said no and was actually threatened by doctors about what the outcome would be and it was not pretty.  

I went to my knees and did not know how to pray and said, ‘Lord, help me to accept this.’  But as soon as those words left my lips, I knew that was false so I said, ‘Lord, help me.’  I felt a strange but comforting weight gently fall over my shoulders and warmth and I heard, ‘you will have a healthy baby boy and his name will be Joshua Daniel.’ 

At that moment, all fear left me.  It was an incredible visceral moment.  I realize that the gift I received that day was more faith than healing because throughout the pregnancy, there were many complications but I was simply, not afraid.  

Our son was born with significant complications and was ill for seven years. With no answers other than drugs, I spent 10,000 researching for answers.  I remember when Josh was five and so sick, that I prayed, ‘Father if by your stripes we are healed, why am I doing all of this research?’  The answer I heard was plain as day:

‘If you were to pray for healing and get it, but then, go out and in ignorance, do the same thing that got you sick in the first place and your illness returns, then what does that do for your faith? 

Sometimes the answer to prayer comes in the form of knowledge.’ 

I continued on and by the time he was seven I identified three consistent imbalances behind each ailment.  I never thought I could cure ADHD, Asthma, Anxiety, Eczema, etc. but I set out to correct those underlying imbalances and when I did, our son, our children became whole!

Fast forward eleven years and when our son was 18, he received a Congressional Nomination to the United States Military Academy.  He is living his best life and I so want that for you and your children.

What I learned is that what is done in the spirit is done right now!  But it just takes time to see the full manifestation in the flesh.  This is why I created Body Mind Blueprint so that we can gently manage your mind and spirit while healing the body. 

I hope you will join me on this journey of self-discovery where you can learn the language of your body, understand your body better than the doctor and effectively co-manage your health with your healthcare provider.  That is truly Owning YOUR Body!

Since 1997, Debi continued her research finding breakthrough’s in the individuality of blood sugar response and the secret lurking behind anxiety and addiction.  For over a decade, Debi provided Continuing Education Credits approved by the American Medical Association, AFAA, and ACE.  Debi has educated physicians, moms, and health professionals in three countries authored three books with over 300 medical references and have coached more than 3,000 clients.   

The definition of health is ‘not sick.’  Debi is not a health coach, but a Wellbeing Warrior.  She is the Wellness Diva. 

“Debi has been a close friend for over 15 years. I have always admired her unstoppable energy. Debi thinks outside the box of traditional medicine and is passionate about helping others prevent disease and overcoming disease with wellness. Debi is an expert in training not only on the missing link between health and disease and sustaining optimal health but also successful life building strategies; she captivates the lives of many with her sense of humor and her ability to communicate.

- Teresa Carney, Million-dollar member, Market America

Listening to Debi speak reminds me of advocates and pioneers such as those depicted in Lorenzo’s oil, or Jenny McCarthy as she sought to improve the outcome of her autistic son. Debi offers the indelible spirit of a mother who in helping her children has helped all of us. Thank you, Debi.

- Helen Barker, Dallas, TX

“As a convention, conference and seminar speaker Debi Waldeck has helped countless numbers of people transform their lives, physically, emotionally and financially. Debi is a highly sought-after speaker with a tremendous ability to present her studies in a way that everyone can understand and apply. IN THE BEGINNING…there was wellness is a must-read and reference series for every home.                                                   

- Orv Owens, Ph.D., Author of Relationship Selling

“Debi has given the world a step by step plan that gives us the opportunity to live life with purpose, passion, and power. I am blessed to have this opportunity to help spread the word about her good works. With this plan, prosperity and your life’s aspirations are imminent.”

- Mylai Tenner, “The Gold Boot Guy”

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The Three Common Denominators for Disease and Weight Issues

~Annie Banig, New York

“I’m an RN specializing in infectious diseases and I see good and bad results with my patients. The good is that medicines may cure the disease however, it often creates another thus, the on-going saga of diseases.  I couldn’t believe how much sense Debi makes and the simplicity she offers in creating wellness rather than managing the disease.  I feel like I see medicine in an entirely different way.  Now I am conducting wellness workshops and empowering patients with this information!” 

~Adrienne Bell, Bellevue, WA

Debi Waldeck teaches that money management skills are an expression of who we are.  Debi leads us along a path towards maximizing our potential in life and the creation of wealth.     

~Joan M. Bunney

Author of Sexy In Your Sixties, How You Can Naturally Reverse The Aging Process & Rejuvenate Your Life

“Debi Waldeck underscores the importance of how physical and emotional wellness contributes to financial wellness. She shares with us tried and true lessons that result in good health on every level.”

~ Jim Edmundson, Author of Bullets I’ve Dodged

“Debi has passionately addressed issues she has dealt with and many of us have had the same or similar issues.  Her definition of the four L’s is amazing. Longevity, Laughter, Lifestyle, and Leverage just about covers it all, bless her heart. Anyone who has strife or stress in life needs to read Debi’s books. Well done Debi!”                        

My Approach

True Preventative health means learning about YOU and understanding the ‘Language’ of YOUR Body! Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, and Boosted Immunity are yours! Your body is crying out but you simply don’t understand what to do. Fads work for some BUT NEVER all because each person is unique. I am the Health RE-EDUCATOR because so much of what we have learned is wrong and simply not working which is WHY WE ARE THE SICKEST, FATTEST AND MOST ADDICTED NATION ON THE PLANET.

Featured Publications

Wellness Book Series

  • Saving Generation Next (In the Beginning There was Wellness, Volume 1) Hardcover – October 19, 2009

  • Forever Young and Vibrant (In The Beginning There Was Wellness, Volume 2) Hardcover – October 19, 2009
  • The Currency of Thought (In the Beginning There Was Wellness, Volume 3) Hardcover – October 19, 2009

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