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Debi Waldeck

The Wellness Diva


I will show you a simple at-home test you can do yourself, for free that will show you in black and white, exactly what diet or meal will enhance your vitality, mood, focus, energy, and weight-loss!

Finally!  Own YOUR Body!

You will Learn:

1. Why one person gets airborne illness and not the next.
2. Why one diet works for your sister but not you.
3. How to identify what diet is best for your body.
4. Anxiety? Is it physical or mental and how to know?
5. The number one thing you can do to improve your health, weight, and energy!
Debi Waldeck is the Professor of Hope, Health, and Happiness!
She is an expert in teaching you the language of YOUR body by showing the early red-flags and warning signs of impending disease and by teaching the 5 common denominators behind most mental, physical, health, and weight issues.  Debi’s clients understand their bodies better than their doctors allowing them to better co-manage health and wellbeing and take back power for their families.

About Debi

With no answers from modern medicine, Debi invested 30,000 hours researching, while guided by intuition and faith. Debi is a genius in creating effective systems, identifying patterns, and finding solutions.

When she was told to abort her son due to seen abnormalities, Debi said no.  Her son was born with significant complications and was ill for seven years. Debi identified three imbalances behind each ailment, corrected them, and her son became whole.  He went on to receive a Congressional Nomination to the United States Military Academy, is now a Captain and Black Hawk pilot, flying the 161st in the Battle at Kandahar.  He is a Professor of Military Science at Auburn while studying for his MCAT.  Since 1997, Debi continued her research finding breakthrough’s in the individuality of blood sugar response and the secret lurking behind anxiety and addiction.

The definition of health is ‘not sick.’  Debi is not a health coach, but a Wellbeing Warrior.  She is the Wellness Diva.

~Jennifer Connely, San Diego, CA

“My son was born with numerous health challenges and severe feeding issues.  Debi’s research saved my son’s life!  I applied her principles and restored my son’s immune system!  The doctors are baffled.  I am eternally grateful that Debi was placed in my life at just the right time and that she has so fervently pursued her research.”                                       

~Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“Every now and then one discovers universal truths. This is one of those times! Debi Waldeck has uncovered numerous advances in science, nutrition, and leverage. The series, In the Beginning…there, was wellness will show you how to re-experience the vibrancy of youth while creating prosperity in the process. You will find this book both provocative and informative. Start your journey here!”

What you’re not hearing about the key to health?

True Preventative health means learning about YOU and understanding the ‘Language’ of YOUR Body! Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, and Boosted Immunity are yours! Your body is crying out but you simply don’t understand what to do. Fads work for some BUT NEVER all because each person is unique. I am the Health RE-EDUCATOR because so much of what we have learned is wrong and simply not working which is WHY WE ARE THE SICKEST, FATTEST AND MOST ADDICTED NATION ON THE PLANET.

Debi Waldeck Author

The Professor of health, happiness and hope-Debi Waldeck has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration and has provided Continuing Education Credits for numerous fitness organizations.

Medicine Has Been Missing the Signs 

In fact, the Titanic did not sink because of an iceberg; rather, the Titanic sank because people failed to heed the warning signs of the impending disaster. What if you knew that conditions as minor as asthma, eczema or allergies are red flags and warning signs of impending problems? People with these conditions and autoimmune disease have an immune system that is hyperactive. However, no one knows why. The reality is that a lymph node on the neck represents part of the immune system. Yet 70% of the immune system lies along the intestinal tract. The way the intestinal tract is developed will determine whether you have a hyperactive or normal immune system. Restoring your health and saving… generation next involves improving your immune system by understanding the relationship between the intestinal tract and overall health. Let us go back to the beginning and create the optimal foundation of health by restoring a normal functioning immune system. The disease is not a mystery once you understand how the development of the immune system coincides with the development of the intestinal tract!

Wellness Educator

For over a decade, Debi provided Continuing Education Credits approved by the American Medical Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, AFAA, and ACE.  Debi has educated physicians, moms, and health professionals in four countries authored three books with over 300 medical references and have coached more than 3,000 clients.   

“I specialize in teaching individuals the ‘language of their body,’ by sharing early red-flags and warning signs of impending diagnoses, the three common denominators behind most health conditions and that sickness does not come like the boogeyman in the night.”  

- Dr. Milan Moore, Cascade Orthopedics

“Debi Waldeck has made a personal journey into and through the ineffable feeling many of us have that more medication is not the answer to restoring our health. Through her years of exploration, she has developed a profound understanding of the relationship between our body’s absorption and health, and, similarly, between our thought processes and wealth. If you care about becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise—and if your desire is more than idle curiosity—then the series, ‘IN THE BEGINNING…there was wellness is truly a no-nonsense blueprint to the good life. Her approach achieves that rare balance between the comprehensive and the practical.”

mock-00053book 1

Saving Generation Next (In the Beginning There was Wellness, Volume 1) Hardcover – October 19, 2009

For author Debi Waldeck, saving… generation next began as a journey asking questions and seeking answers to the dramatic increase in chronic illness and autoimmune disease. Today s medical model does not offer sufficient explanations for the increases. It is time to ask questions and offer discussions and theories to propose answers and solutions. Before the issues of universal healthcare can truly be resolved, two things must occur: 1-Identify, who is ultimately responsible for health 2-Come to a consensus of “what is optimal health?” With such a dramatic increase in chronic disease, the question that has yet to be answered is why? Is it the high-power lines, pollution, silver fillings, vaccinations or stress?

~Art Lentz-Richmond, VA

“Saving, “Generation Next” reads like a best-selling spy novel.” A book on health that one cannot lay down.”


~ Melanie Totem. Hampton, VA

“I didn’t realize that the way an infant’s intestinal area is developed will create a hyperactive or normal immune system.  Within one month of following Debi’s principles, my baby’s eczema was gone!”

mock-00053book 2

Forever Young and Vibrant (In The Beginning There Was Wellness, Volume 2) Hardcover – October 19, 2009

If you think staying young and vibrant is complicated or expensive, think again! Knowledge is gold. Don t miss this opportunity to connect the dots and understand why and how the body becomes toxic and tired. Avoid the pitfalls and become fit and fabulous, effortlessly! Effectively achieving universal healthcare is impossible until the nation agrees on the definition of optimal health and who is ultimately responsible for personal health. The current medical definition of primary healthcare changes. We agree that optimal health is not a life on medications maintaining the chronic disease. School systems act as a platform for exemplifying healthy living principles. In 2005, 24% of pharmaceutical revenue was spent on marketing and only 13% on research. Why?

~ Chris Bledy, Author, Beating Ovarian Cancer

“Debi Waldeck’s book Forever Young and Vibrant is an incredible public health statement! Her extensive research and direct approach to human wellness can move you from a crisis to excellence. Empower yourself with her knowledge.”

- Geof Kaufman, Author of Mastering Your Choices

“WARNING! Choosing working with the Wellness Diva-Debi Waldeck you are ready to take responsibility for your life! Debi Waldeck’s Wellness Blueprint will lead you away from society’s often misguided version of reality to a much more positive reality full of health, self-love, and abundance for yourself and a beautiful example for the world. Debi’s coaching’ is a vital step to your own, new beginning.”                                                


The Currency of Thought (In the Beginning There Was Wellness, Volume 3) Hardcover – October 19, 2009

Forget Us versus Them or the Have’s and Have Not’s!! Learn how You can have everything you desire!

What The Currency of Thought Offers:
– How inner dialogue directly affects cash flow
– How to move from ordinary to extraordinary
– The trust, forgiveness, love connection
– Practical methods to get ‘unstuck’ by financially ‘cleaning house.’
– How to never again, live paycheck to paycheck
– Offers a practical guide to debt reduction



I started reading The Currency of Thought for some tips on how to increase my cashflow, but I learned so much more!  This information couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was struggling in my personal and financial life and this book helped to put things into perspective.  It allowed me to step back and think about where I am and where I want to go.  Debi thank you so much for sharing your experiences and research.  You have helped me learn how to “live” again!

~Julie Moroni, Richmond, VA

“All my life, I felt I deserved the bad things I was experiencing because of some of the things I have done in my past.  However, after listening to you today, I can finally forgive myself.  Thank you Debi for changing my life; I am ready to create rather than react and finally become the man I only dreamed.”

~Ted Rodgers, Buffalo, NY

If You’re  Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired Contact Debi